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We believe that modern societal enhancement is driven by responsible tech transfer into sustainable products and businesses. We apply scientific rigor to help your organization solve its most challenging strategic and technical problems associated with late-stage R&D and productization.
No matter where you are in the process, we can help!

Strategic Services

The first step in translating tech into operational solutions is a strategy that aligns with your mission. This strategy should begin with linking consumer needs to technological solutions, while balancing factors that impact solution and consumer viability. Our strategic consultation services will help you navigate through this challenging process and shape a strategy that aligns with your mission.

Roadmap Development

In order for tech to successfully transition into operations, careful planning is required. Our Roadmap Development services are consumer focused and include factors such as product delivery, technology gaps, intellectual property, economics, security, investment, and resources. While developing tech roadmaps is a challenging process, our consultants will be there to ensure that you end up with an actionable roadmap that makes sense for you and your consumers.

Technical Solutions

In today's world, transitioning tech is a collaborative process and often involves deep technical expertise. Our technical offerings range from providing deep expertise as a technical consult to delivering technical solutions to fill any gaps in your technology, as well as leveraging our network to connect you with the right resources. Our goal is to accelerate the transition of your tech into operations through proven, science-based solutions.

Currently, we provide technical expertise in the following areas: Advanced Analytics (including AI/ML), Modeling & Simulation, Algorithm Development, Bioinformatics, Biosecurity, and Software Engineering.

Our Team

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Dr. Omar P. Tabbaa

Principal Consultant / Applied Scientist / Entrepreneur

Dr. Tabbaa is the Principal Consultant and Founder of Daedalus Solutions. He is a nationally recognized expert in productization, advanced analytics, biotechnologies, and biodefense. His professional experience covers the spectrum from engineering and scientific research to portfolio management and business development. He has intimate knowledge of how to assess opportunities and risk, generate technology roadmaps and strategies, assemble cross-disciplinary teams (including external partnerships), and ensure consumer-focused delivery of high-quality solutions. He has a unique skill set for leading the translation of complex consumer needs into well-defined requirements and project plans that result in meeting a consumer's critical objectives.

Before founding Daedalus Solutions, he co-founded the Biotechnology Solutions Division at Battelle, the world's largest non-profit contract research organization, where he served as Director of Computational Biotechnologies. During his tenure as Director, he led and managed a portfolio of transition-focused R&D and commercialization programs that resulted in products such as the R&D100 award-winning ThreatSEQ Web Service, a SaaS product that is enabling the responsible distribution of DNA raw materials. Further, he has successfully led and managed the development of a next generation bioinformatic platform for IARPA that includes a novel implementation of artificial intelligence for biosample analysis.

Dr. Tabbaa holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from The Ohio State University and expanded his scientific horizons as a postdoctoral fellow in bioengineering at the University of California San Diego. His deep technical background ranges from software engineering and advanced analytics to bioengineering and biochemistry.

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